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$11 M

Verdict for a sexual abuse victim

$10 M

For a woman killed in an automobile accident

$5.27 M

Jury verdict for man killed by a tractor-trailer driver

$4.95 M

Man killed in automobile accident

$2.3 M

Federal Court Judgment for Church following jury trial with insurance company over roof damage

$2.25 M

Verdict for pedestrian struck by hit-and-run driver

$2.0 M

Elderly couple killed in tractor-trailer accident

$2.0 M

Trash truck hit by tractor-trailer

$1.85 M

Verdict for teacher attacked at school

$1.5 M

Man killed in Florida tractor accident

$1.2 M

Recovery following Jury Trial for Little Girl injured in South GA Wreck

$1.2 M

Recovery for Lady Injured in a South Georgia Crash

$1.05 M

Man injured in Alabama automobile crash

$ 1 M

Policy Limits Recovery for Family of Victims of Fire

$975 K

Man injured in unlawful police pursuit

$775 K

Recovery for South Ga Man Injured in Construction Accident

$400 K

Recovery in day care abuse case