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2021 Personal Injury

Can I File a Personal Injury Claim if I Didn’t Go to a Doctor?

Personal injury law encompasses a wide range of accident types and conduct. Individuals sustain personal injuries in auto accidents, because of medical malpractice, because of defective products, and from slip and fall accidents, among many others. Regardless of how a person sustains personal injuries, going to the doctor is one of the most important aspects of any potential personal injury lawsuit. Avoiding medical treatment is risky for an injured person, as a delay in treatment can exacerbate injuries. Our Tifton personal injury lawyer also knows that a delay in treatment can make it difficult to link a specific accident to one’s injuries.

Documenting Personal Injuries is Crucial to Any Tifton Personal Injury Lawsuit

Any person can allege personal injuries but having proof of such injuries is essential to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. While a person can technically file a personal injury lawsuit without seeking medical treatment, doing so without proof of injuries is likely to result in the lawsuit’s dismissal.

In addition to testimony, an injured plaintiff’s medical records are critical to (1) providing proof that the plaintiff has sustained injuries and (2) revealing the extent of damage associated with the injuries. A Tifton personal injury lawyer with the right skills and experience can quickly determine whether a person’s medical records and other available facts about the alleged act(s) of negligence support a viable personal injury lawsuit.

Seeking Medical Treatment for Personal Injuries Following an Accident in Tifton

The date a person sustains personal injuries in an accident or due to an act of negligence is the date that starts the clock on the statute of limitations for lawsuits involving personal injuries. Seeking medical treatment of severe injuries typically happens shortly after an accident. Medical records will document the treatment, which creates a record used as the backdrop of a potential personal injury lawsuit.

In some cases, a person may not immediately experience symptoms of serious injuries after an accident. Many individuals choose not to seek medical treatment if they do not believe they have sustained serious injuries. However, being medically evaluated can help determine whether any injuries are identifiable and what to expect as time goes by.

A skilled Tifton personal injury lawyer uses medical records and other available evidence to establish a timeline that helps identify the injuries at issue and demonstrates that they were the direct result of another party’s conduct.

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