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2021 Truck Accidents

Four Victims Sustain Fatal Injuries in I-75 Tractor Trailer Accident

As reported by, a tragic early evening accident involving three tractor-trailers on I-75 south in Lake Park, Georgia (which is about one hour north of Tifton) left four victims dead. All four victims, including a pregnant mother and her unborn child, the woman’s husband, and another individual, were traveling on I-75 south, heading towards Florida.

According to the Georgia State Patrol (GSP), the four deceased trucking accident victims had dropped off their semi-truck load and planned to travel to Florida to meet up with family members. An early investigation of the accident reveals that two tractor-trailers were stopped in the travel lanes on I-75 south.

The first tractor-trailer may have been stopped for a mechanical failure, and a second tractor-trailer had stopped behind the first, perhaps to render help. A GSP trooper states that a third tractor-trailer traveling on I-75 south rear-ended the second tractor-trailer. The impact caused the second tractor-trailer to push the rear of the first tractor-trailer.

The third tractor-trailer, which the four deceased victims occupied, caught fire. Although emergency responders attempted to save the victims, there was nothing they could do. The accident continues to be investigated to determine whether any person was at fault for causing or contributing to cause the trucking accident.

Our Accident Attorney Discusses Liability Following Trucking Accidents

The root cause of the I-75 trucking accident may not be known until a full investigation uncovers why two tractor-trailers were stopped in the travel lanes of a busy highway. Obstructions in the roadway can create a substantial risk that an accident will happen. When traveling at high rates of speed, coming to a complete stop to avoid a collision can be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Avoidance of collisions is especially difficult for tractor-trailers that are carrying significant weight. When a vehicle, such as a large tractor-trailer, is unable to move from the travel lanes of a highway, the driver of the stalled tractor-trailer must make every effort to ensure passing traffic can see that the tractor-trailer has stalled (by using orange reflective triangles, for example).

Passing drivers have a responsibility to pay attention to obstructions in the roadway, such as an accident. Whether a truck driver is at fault for failing to properly alert other drivers of the stalled tractor-trailer depends on all available facts. Many trucking accidents involve multiple negligent parties. With the I-75 accident discussed in this blog, it is too early to determine who is at fault and whether the collective conduct of each of the drivers of the three tractor-trailers led to the fatal accident.

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