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2020 Personal Injury

How Personal Injury Claims are Being Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic continues to complicate day-to-day life across America, months after quarantine procedures first began in most states. To help you prepare for how the COVID-19 pandemic will likely impact a personal injury claim you are thinking of filing soon, we have provided this quick list of key points you should know ahead of time.

Increased Financial Pressure

The coronavirus pandemic has gutted businesses of all sizes, and unemployment rates are historically high. Everyone is feeling the pressure on their finances – and insurance companies know it.

You will probably feel pressured to take the first settlement an insurance company offers you because a promise of any amount of money can be a boom right now. With this knowledge at their disposal, many insurance companies are expected to lob lowball settlement offers like never before. If you are deserving of $100,000 in damages, for example, then don’t be surprised if the insurance company says they will give you $10,000 to end the claim early.

It is so important right now to be patient, take your time with your claim, and team up with a trusted personal injury lawyer. Your attorney can evaluate any settlement offers that come your way and let you know if the insurance company is trying to apply pressure in hopes that you will crack.

Only Use Necessary Medical Care

Naturally, hospitals and medical clinics have become hotspots for coronavirus exposure as sick patients gather there for lifesaving treatments like intubation and steroid regimens. To greatly reduce your chances of coming in contact with the virus, stay away from medical centers as much as possible. This means that after being in an accident you should only receive necessary medical care.

Elective treatments should be delayed as long as it is safe to do so. Talk to your medical provider about aftercare you can complete by yourself at home. Anything you can do to avoid a hospital visit helps protect you from the virus and keeps a hospital bed open for someone with COVID-19 who might badly need it.

Nationwide Court Slowdown

Court systems of all sorts closed up their doors at the start of the pandemic, and only some of them have since reopened. Depending on where you live, you might only be able to interact with the court remotely. Even if your local courthouses have reopened, you can expect them to be dealing with a huge backlog of incoming cases and lawsuits.

During the coronavirus pandemic, you can expect that any case or claim will take longer than usual. Again, it is important to have patience and work with a personal injury attorney who can stay on top of things for you while also ensuring that your claim is developing correctly. The last thing you need while the court system is delayed is an avoidable setback because of a clerical error on your paperwork.