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2022 Motor Vehicle Accidents

Hurt in an Accident? Here’s What You Need to Know

Car, truck and motorcycle accidents happen every day. In many cases, these accidents result from one driver’s negligence or a defect in one of the vehicles involved. When this is the case, accident victims can seek compensation for their injuries and losses. But, recovering appropriate compensation is not easy. As an accident victim, there is a lot you need to know, and there are many mistakes you must try to avoid.

The Losses Sustained May Be More Than You Think

You first need to know that your losses may be much more significant than you originally thought. Most accident victims tend to focus on their immediate losses, such as the damage to their vehicle and emergency room medical bills. But, a serious crash can also lead to:

  • Loss of income
  • Loss of future earning potential
  • Future medical expenses and prescription costs
  • Other out-of-pocket expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma and loss of enjoyment of life

To collect full compensation for your injuries, you first need to know the full amount you are entitled to recover.

Insurers are Not Your Friends

The typical advice most people give after an auto accident is to contact your insurance company. While you may have an obligation (under the terms of your policy) to report the accident to your insurer, you do not want to share any more information than is necessary. All insurance companies want to pay as little as possible for their policyholders’ and accident victims’ losses, and they are not there to help you stand up for your legal rights.

To Prove Your Claim, You’ll Need Two Important Pieces of Evidence

In order to recover proper compensation for your accident, you will need two important pieces of evidence: (i) proof of the cause of the accident and (ii) proof of the extent of your injuries. If you took pictures of the accident, you should be sure to keep them and share them with your car accident attorney, and if you haven’t already done so, you will need to seek medical attention right away.

Many Claims Settle, But Your Car Accident Attorney Will Be Ready to Go to Trial

Many auto accident claims settle through the insurance claims process. But, to show the insurance companies that you are serious about protecting your rights, you need to demonstrate that you are prepared to go to trial. This requires hiring an experienced law firm with a proven record of taking insurance companies to court.

Simple Mistakes Can Put Your Financial Recovery at Risk

When dealing with insurers, even simple mistakes can jeopardize your financial recovery. Remember, they will be looking for any excuse to deny or reduce the value of your claim. From posting about the accident on social media to returning to work too soon, your car accident attorney will be able to advise you of the various mistakes you need to avoid in order to protect your rights. Contact us to get the help you need today.