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2023 Truck Accidents

Log Truck Driver Hospitalized With Severe Injuries After Collision With Other Log Truck

A log truck driver has been hospitalized with severe injuries after allegedly rear-ending another log truck in Albany, Georgia. The Albany Police Department reports that on Thursday, July 20, a log truck was sitting at a stop light in the middle lane heading east on E. Oglethorpe Blvd. when it was rear-ended by another log truck. The driver of the second log truck, a 58-year-old male, was trapped when logs entered the cabin of the truck. A witness stated that it appeared that “the logs [were] on top of him.” The driver was subsequently extricated from the cab of the truck by first responders. 

As this accident shows, driving around large trucks requires extra caution — even by other truck drivers. If you have been injured in a truck accident, a Tifton truck accident attorney may be able to help you seek compensation. 

Tips for Driving Safely Around Large Trucks 

Collisions between passenger vehicles and large trucks pose more dangers to drivers than other types of motor vehicle accidents primarily due to the significant difference in size and weight between the vehicles. As such, all drivers should exercise extra care when driving around large trucks. Below are some effective tips to minimize the risk of accidents. 

Stay Out of Blind Spots

A truck’s blind spots are much larger than a passenger vehicle’s, extending to the front, back, and sides of the vehicle. Drivers should ensure that they spend no more time than necessary inside a truck’s blind spot. A good rule of thumb for blind spots is to assume that if you cannot see the truck driver in the truck’s side mirror, the driver can’t see you. 

Allow Plenty of Room for Turns

Trucks require more room to make turns than passenger vehicles. When turning right, some trucks require so much room that they may initiate a turn from the center lane rather than the right lane. If you are at an intersection with a turning truck, do not “block the box” or pull all the way up to the line. Instead, stay back to give the truck plenty of room to turn without striking you. 

Don’t Cut Too Close 

Cutting too close in front of a truck — such as by quickly changing lanes or merging directly in front of a truck — can be dangerous, as this can put you within the truck’s front blind spot. Cutting too closely in front of a truck can prevent the driver from seeing you and slowing down to allow you room to merge. 

Stay Back 

When driving behind a large truck, allow more room than you would when driving behind other passenger vehicles. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recommends leaving about one second for every 10 feet of vehicle length. Following a truck too closely can prevent you from seeing obstacles in front of the truck and may not give you enough time to safely stop if the truck comes to a sudden stop. 

Start Your Recovery With Help From a Tifton Truck Accident Attorney 

While driving safely around large trucks can lower the risk of an accident, it cannot eliminate it completely. Unfortunately, even the safest and most conscientious drivers suffer injuries in collisions with trucks. If you have been involved in a truck accident that you believe was the result of negligence, please contact a Tifton truck accident attorney at the Hudson Injury Firm by calling 229-396-5848 or using our online form