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2023 Motor Vehicle Accidents

South Georgia Teenager Dies in ATV Accident

A 16 year-old South Georgia high school football player died earlier this month in an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) accident at a friend’s house. While details of the accident have not been made public, his death is not the first recent death of a young person on an ATV in Georgia. On September 30, a 12-year old was killed and several other youths were injured in an ATV accident in Troup County. That accident followed the Labor Day death of a 24 year-old in yet another ATV crash. With so many recent ATV deaths in Georgia, the danger is clear. If you have been injured in an ATV accident, a Tifton accident attorney may be able to help you pursue a personal injury claim. 

Why ATVs Are So Dangerous 

While ATVs are immensely popular among young people and outdoor enthusiasts, they should be approached with caution. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there is an annual average of about 700 deaths and 100,000 emergency room-treated injuries involving off-road vehicles. That category includes ATVs, which account for about three-quarters of the deaths. 

There are several reasons why ATVs are so dangerous: 

  • They are recreational vehicles and, as such, are more likely to be driven recklessly
  • They are often driven across rough terrain 
  • They are often driven across streams or in wet or snowy conditions
  • They provide few to no safety features
  • Riders frequently neglect to wear helmets or other safety gear 

ATVs are also minimally regulated; while Georgia prohibits the operation of ATVs on public roads, there is no minimum age or licensing requirement to operate an ATV in Georgia. 

Common Causes of ATV Accidents and Injuries 

The causes of ATV accidents are many and varied, but some of the most common causes tend to be shared with motorcycle accidents and bicycle accidents. Those include: 

  • Operator error, including operation by young and inexperienced riders 
  • Operating an ATV under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Poor vehicle maintenance, such as faulty brakes or worn tires
  • Operation over rugged or dangerous terrain  
  • Operation in unfamiliar areas 
  • Collisions with motor vehicles or other ATVs 
  • Riding with more passengers than there are seats 
  • Defective designs or parts
  • Frontal collisions, which can throw riders over the handlebars 
  • Flip-overs, which can result in riders being crushed 
  • Attempting to perform stunts or maneuvers
  • Collisions with trees or other stationary objects
  • Driving an ATV on a paved surface 

Regardless of the cause, ATV accidents can result in serious and catastrophic injuries or even death

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