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2022 Motorcycle Accidents

Tift County Teen Dies in Tragic Car Accident

On Saturday, January 8, a tragic accident occurred in Tift County when a vehicle ran off the road into a lake at the intersection of Omega-Eldorado Road and Union Road. 

Divers from the Moultrie Fire and Rescue Dive Team found a vehicle in the lake, but no body was recovered at the time. According to the Georgia State Police, the vehicle matched a vehicle related to a missing persons report that had been filed on January 6.

At approximately 9:30 a.m. Sunday, the driver’s body was found. The driver was identified as 18-year-old Trequavion K. Thomas of Tifton. 

Motor Vehicle Accidents Involving Teenagers

For many teenagers, getting their drivers’ licenses is a coming-of-age event that brings a lot of joy. It signals freedom of mobility and an independence that comes with growing up and getting older.

When your teen begins driving, they no longer have to rely on an adult to get them from place to place. But while this freedom can be very liberating, parents are often, quite understandably, worried about what could happen when their teens get behind the wheel of the family car.

And unfortunately, tragedy can strike when teenagers become drivers. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 2,042 people were killed in 2019 in accidents that involved teen drivers. 

How Parents Can Help Their Teen Drivers

When a teen driver is involved in a traffic accident, it often isn’t because they don’t know the basic rules of the road. But because they are new to driving, they don’t have the kind of road experience more mature drivers who have been driving for longer have. 

What can parents of teen drivers do to help prevent their child from becoming another traffic fatality statistic? 

Parental role models. As a parent, you can be a role model for your teen drivers. Every time they get into a vehicle with you behind the wheel, they’re able to see how you drive. By practicing safe driving habits yourself, you’re showing your budding teen drivers how they can stay safe on the road.

Have ground rules. Your teenage driver is understandably excited about the prospect of driving themselves anywhere they need to go. But a driver’s license comes with responsibility. Emphasize this responsibility by setting ground rules for your teen driver, and enforce these rules with consequences. 

Discuss driving risks. Talk with your teen driver about the various risks of driving. Your discussions can include straight talk about drinking and driving, driving while distracted (for example, the perils of texting while driving), and the importance of proper seat belt use. 

Consider a driving school. If enrollment in a professional driving school is within your budget, consider having your teen driver take lessons. The AAA offers a number of tips to help you find the right driving school for your child, including speaking with people you know to see if they have used a driving school in the past that they can recommend, and calling different schools in your area with specific questions about how they run their driver training courses. 

A Tifton Car Accident Attorney Can Help

If you’re the parent of a teen driver who’s been involved in a motor vehicle accident, help is available. Speak with a Tifton car accident attorney at Hudson Injury Firm today.