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2021 Truck Accidents

Truck Crashes and Rollovers at High Rates of Speed in Georgia

Trucks are a leading method of transportation, especially for long-distance hauls of heavy products. However, sadly, truck accidents are also a leading cause of injuries and fatalities on the road. These huge vehicles can easily threaten the safety of other drivers and travelers who share the highways. Below, our Tifton truck accident attorney discusses some of the issues regarding these accidents.

The federal government has established several requirements for truck drivers and trucking companies to ensure that all safety concerns are addressed and that preventative measures are taken wherever possible to lower the number of truck-related accidents. Still, the fact remains that these vehicles are large, heavy, and usually driven by drivers who have demanding schedules to meet.  That said, traveling at high rates of speed is obviously the fastest way to get from Point A to Point B. However, truckers traveling over the speed limit are at an increased risk for various types of accidents, including rollovers.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 45% of rollover accidents included in a study done by the agency were found to be the result of speed. While the potential for rolling over is not limited to big rigs, it is very likely that speeding can force a truck to roll over and cause catastrophic damages.

Contributing Factors to High-Speed Truck Accidents in Georgia

Although high speeds are not typically the only cause of a rollover accident, they can be a significant contributing factor, usually when combined with high vehicles, heavy loads, or poor driving conditions. Of course, any one of these conditions can cause an accident, but when you combine high speeds with these factors, the potential for disaster increases.

Drivers on unfamiliar roads, or roads with curves, sharp turns, hills, and other unfavorable conditions, should use extreme caution. Traveling at unsafe speeds on these types of roads can cause an accident, as the driver could misjudge the angle of the road or the upcoming curve or could be unprepared to stop or slow down quickly to adjust to the environment. Even a driver who is familiar with the route can be unprepared to handle the road, depending on how fast he is going and what’s happening on the road ahead.

Heavy loads in the back of a truck or large vehicle can also contribute to a rollover accident when combined with high speeds. Depending on how the weight is distributed, traveling above the posted speed limit could cause a vehicle to roll to one side when the driver takes even a slight turn or follows a curve in the road. Additionally, the vehicle’s height can play a role in how that heavy load will affect the truck’s balance.

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Most truck accidents could be avoided with the use of proper safety precautions taken by the trucking companies and their drivers. While weather and road conditions are outside of the driver’s control, traveling at safe speeds with properly distributed loads, and paying attention to the road ahead, can lessen a lot of the danger.

If you have been injured in a rollover accident caused by a truck driver’s actions, contact our office today. Our Tifton truck accident attorney can help you evaluate the next steps to take following an accident. For a consultation, contact us online today.