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2021 Motor Vehicle Accidents

Twenty-Four People Killed on Area Roads During the Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be a time for family gatherings and enjoyment. Such enjoyment quickly comes to an end when a person suffers debilitating or fatal injuries in a car accident. For Tifton and surrounding areas in Georgia, 2020’s holiday season was not a time of happiness for 24 car accident victims who suffered fatal injuries.

As reported by, a total of 24 people were killed over the Thanksgiving holiday (Wednesday through Sunday) in serious motor vehicle accidents. The Georgia State Patrol (GSP) stated that both speed and alcohol were likely contributing factors to the cause of many accidents. Additionally, weekend rain may have played a role in at least one of the accidents.

A few examples of the fatal accidents that plagued Georgia over the holidays include, among others, the following:

  • A 19-year-old woman was struck and killed by a driver traveling 65 miles per hour in a 45 mile-per-hour zone;
  • A 16-month-old boy was killed when his mother accidentally drove over him at home;
  • A 46-year-old man was thrown from his motorcycle and killed when he locked his brakes to avoid striking a car in front of him; and
  • A 43-year-old man was killed in a single-vehicle accident when his car left the road, struck a ditch, and spun into a tree.

Despite fewer travelers on the roads during the COVID-19 pandemic, deaths in Georgia during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend increased from the prior year. Tragic deaths over Thanksgiving and other holidays are often preventable if drivers take certain tips into consideration.

Tips for Avoiding Tifton Car Accidents Over the Holidays

As we start to get out and about a bit more in 2021, it is important to remember the dos and don’ts of driving, especially with Memorial Day, 4th of July, and other holiday-related events still to come (many of which may be “drive-thru” celebrations). While some accidents may be unavoidable, many holiday accidents are preventable if drivers follow some basic safety tips, which include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Do not drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Even a small amount of alcohol may be enough to cause driver impairment and pose a risk to others on Georgia streets and highways.
  • Do not drive in the dark. If driving over a holiday weekend cannot be avoided, drivers should make every effort to drive during daylight hours.
  • Do not speed and adhere to all other traffic laws, such as properly signaling when changing lanes, leaving enough space between vehicles, and coming to a complete stop at stop signs and red lights.
  • Do not drive in poor weather conditions. During the holidays, poor weather conditions can make roads very dangerous.

While the above-listed tips can be used to avoid any motor vehicle accident, they are particularly helpful over the holidays when drivers are more likely to be impaired, speeding, driving in the dark, and/or driving in poor weather.

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