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2021 Motor Vehicle Accidents

What to Avoid When Talking to Insurance Companies After an Accident

Insurance companies generate billions of dollars each year in nearly every industry, and the car insurance industry is no exception. Motor vehicle accidents are a fact of daily life in the United States, with millions of individuals injured in car accidents each year. Although car insurance is helpful to shield against liability, the amount of compensation offered to injury victims is usually inadequate. 

Because insurance companies can be difficult to deal with, many car accident victims choose to work alongside a personal injury attorney who can communicate with insurance companies on an injured person’s behalf. Whether an injury victim is working alone or with an attorney, it is a good idea to avoid taking certain actions that may come back to haunt you. Examples of things to avoid include the following:

No. 1 – Don’t Participate in a Recorded Conversation

Insurance companies like to record conversations with policyholders who have been injured or who have sustained property damage in an accident. A recorded conversation can be used later on against the person who has filed an insurance claim. 

Many injured policyholders unknowingly consent to having a conversation recorded. Participating in a recorded conversation with an insurance company is certainly not a requirement of pursuing an accident claim.

No. 2 – Don’t Admit Fault

One of the biggest mistakes a car accident victim can make after suffering injuries is to admit fault to an insurance company. Admitting fault can negatively affect an insurance claim and potential personal injury lawsuit.

No. 3 – Don’t Sign an Authorization That Allows the Release of Your Medical Records

Another sneaky maneuver insurance companies are experts at executing is getting policyholders to consent to sign medical authorization forms. In doing so, an injured person is allowing his or her insurance company (or the insurance company of another person involved in an accident) to obtain a copy of medical records that may or may not have anything to do with the injuries at issue. 

Insurance companies want to minimize the amount of money they have to pay to compensate an injured victim. One way to minimize an awarded amount is to find evidence that something other than a car accident was the cause of a person’s injuries. Fishing for other causes in medical records is an unfortunate reality of the car accident claims process. 

No. 4 – Don’t Reveal Attorney-Client Communications with an Insurance Company

An injury victim who has already retained an attorney should allow the attorney to handle all communications with insurance companies. Speaking with an insurance company outside the presence of the attorney hired to manage the matter can be detrimental to the success of an insurance claim. A better course of action is to allow a personal injury attorney to oversee the matter from start to finish.

No. 5 – Don’t Feel Obligated to Take a Quick Settlement Offer

Accident victims may be delighted to receive a settlement offer quickly after suffering injuries in an accident. While receiving money is a good thing, accepting a settlement offer so soon after an accident runs the risk of receiving much less than a claim is truly worth. The magnitude of personal injuries may not be known for months, and insurance companies may try to settle claims quickly when they know the claim is worth much more.

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Car accident injuries can leave you with physical and financial woes for weeks, months, or years to come, depending on the severity of your injuries. Knowing what to avoid when speaking with an insurance agent or adjuster is a valuable tool for anyone who files an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit concerning car accident injuries. 

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